Solar Industry Data

Solar energy is a renewable resource that is created by the conversion of the radiant light and heat of the Sun to electricity that can be stored and used when required. The importance of solar energy stems from the basic fact that the sun is the largest available energy source. Humans have historically been trying to develop new ways of harnessing the power of solar energy – from designing houses in a way to store maximum heat to using glasses to light fires. The technology to convert solar energy into electricity that was developed in the 1950s allowed for a greater leap that gave the sector its current importance.

With a range of ever-changing technologies, there can be seen a global trend of increasing solar energy use and newer technologies. It is one of the cleanest energy sources and with the rising global issues of pollution and high consumption of fossil fuels, the trends related to solar energy are seen to be scaling up at a high rate. An analysis of the changes in the global perspectives of solar energy provides valuable insight into the phenomena and help in understanding the importance of solar energy in the coming times and the relevance of the advancing technologies in the sector as well.

Total Primary Energy Production Since 1980

Estimated Global Renewable Energy Share Of Total Energy Consumption

Global Solar Energy Data

Solar energy has a wide range of application and according to its applications, it has a wide range of consumption. So, here is global country-specific solar energy consumption data.

Trending Topics In Solar Photovoltaic Industry

Solar Market Insight Report 2017

The latest Us solar industry market trends depicted in the quarterly SEIA/GTM Research U.S. including key figures and important market details.

Solar Trends 2017

The field of renewable energy and solar energy is ever changing with new innovation and technologies taking shape every day. Here is a list of trends that we may see in the coming year.

Residential Rooftop Solar power statistics 2017

Solar rooftop capacity calculator is an important part of any solar setup and comparing it with the general capacity of the area or country a necessary step. Here is the general capacity statistics for your area.

Renewable Capacity Statistics 2017

All your energy-related genre specific date has been depicted here with country-specific consumption data and year wise estimation.

Indian Solar Handbook 2017

Solar energy requires proper handling information with proper product accredits and brand wise accolades for your understanding.

Indian Energy Statistics 2017

Energy statistics 24th issue released by the Central Statistics Office Ministry Of Statistics And Programme Implementation Government Of India

A brighter future for renewables 2022

Solar energy is leading the world in innovation, taking forward with other forms of renewable energy with yet another record year.