Power Back up for Every Need

We use high surface carbon in our tubular batteries. It not only improves the discharge performance of the batteries but also ensures fast recovery in the deep cycle. Suited for frequent and long power cuts these batteries have a long life cycle and can lighten up every moment of your life. Use of special grade polyethylene separator results in high volume porosity and higher mechanical strength. Our tubular batteries require low water top up and have a life expectancy up to 5-6 years. From household application to industrial use these batteries will run for life and power your world with brightness forever.


Consumer Benefits

  • Tall Tubular Conventional Batteries provide a steady performane with affordable cost to the customer
  • Products available in multiple warranty segments ranging from 48 months to 180 months warranty
  • Environmental friendly aqua trap vent plugs ensuring low acidic fumes
  • Highly reliable compared to normal flat plate batteries
  • Perform consistently under any conditions hence suitable for sensitive and heavy applications
  • Faster charging is one the notable feature in Tubular Batteries
  • Low maintenance - very low water topping up required


Tubular Conventional Battery - USP's

  • Low Cost Of Ownership
  • Low Water Loss
  • Easy Recovery After Idle Period
  • Lowest Electricity Consumption In Recharging
  • Less Fumes Generation
  • 5% Extra Capacity & Backup WRT Rated Capacity
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