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Solar PV Modules

As the world’s leading solar product company and provider of smart solar energy solutions, Eastman is the active contributor in shaping the solar revolution. We offer world-class and affordable solar energy products at even the remotest locations making solar energy affordable and available for everyone.

We are the largest solar module supplier across the globe and have pushed the Solar industry forward by manufacturing high-efficiency module and comprehensive electronic procurement construction solutions. As you start your solar journey with us, you’ll turn your global footprint into a step towards
the clean, green and sustainable future.



  • Maximum power generation to help you make more solar money
  • Shock resistance thick iron glass to help you cut down on solar wastage
  • High grade solar cells to give you long lasting solar panels
  • Best qualities raw material to give you best performance even in extreme weather conditions
  • Anodized aluminum frame gives freedom from maintenance

Key Features

Positive tolerance
Guaranteed tolerance +3% Reliable power output
High module efficiency
Module Efficiency up to 17.51%
Strong Compressive Strength
Certified to withstand high wind of 2400 Pa and snow loads of 5400 Pa
Fire test approved
Application Class A, Safety Class II, Fire Rating C
Excellent performance under Extreme condition
High salt mist & ammonia resistance
Reliable quality forever
Without potential induced Degradation (PID-free)

SOLAR PANELS Product Range

S.No. Type Models Net Weight ±3% (Kg.) Panels Dimensions (LxWxH) (±3mm)
1. MONO TWIN PERC ETP545W 29.00 Kg 2278 x 1134 x 35 mm
2. MONO PERC EMP395W 22.01 Kg 1986 x 1001 x 40 mm
3. MONO PERC EM200W 10.48 Kg 1485 x 665 x 35 mm
4. POLY EPP100W 7.50 Kg 1000 x 665 x 35 mm
5. POLY EPP160W 01.78 Kg 1485 x 665 x 35 mm
6. POLY EPP335W 21.00 Kg 1970 x 991 x 40 mm

Eastman - Solar Batteries

The solar power battery is one of the most innovative products released by Eastman. The tall tubular solar battery is the highest performing solar battery in the market. Our high performance solar batteries ensure best performance that is beneficial for a variety of purposes. The core features of the solar battery system are high surface carbon, micropores woven gauntlet, special grade PE separator, and advanced paste formulation. The improved discharge performance is mainly due to the presence of high surface carbon. It leads to not only high capacity and excellent life cycle performance but also improves the active material utilization for better performance of the electrodes through a reduction in the irreversible lead sulfate on NAM. Being one of the top solar battery manufacturers, we assure people regarding the performance of our products that will power your house in the best possible manner. Eastman offers a wide range of batteries including solar batteries for home, which makes us prominent solar battery supplier in the list of renowned solar batteries companies.

Ranges of Solar Batteries


S.No. Battery Model No Capacity @C10 Ah Container Type Dimension (L X W X H) mm Warranty* (in months)
1. EM200SB 200 IT500 506 X 194 X 415 120 Months (60+60)
2. EM150SB 150 IT500 506 X 194 X 415 120 Months (60+60)
3. EM20072SB 200 IT500 506 X 194 X 415 72 Months (36+36)
4. EM15072SB 150 IT500 506 X 194 X 415 72 Months (36+36)
5. EM15072JSB 150 N200J 518 X 272 X 276 72 Months (36+36)
6. EM12072SB 120 IT500 506 X 194 X 415 72 Months (36+36)
7. EM100SBL 100 N150J 506 X 207 X 405 72 Months (36+36)


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Solar Wind Hybrid Power Plant
Industrial Units
Solar Streets Lights
Solar Water Pumps

MPPT Solar PCU Pearl Series

Solar Home PCU ECO Smart Series

(Range Available 675 to 1475)


Features(Range Available 675 to 1475)

  • Maintain battery heakh for longer life
  • Inbuilt PWM Solar Charge Controller
  • Grid Charging Enable / Disable
  • Built-in IT made
  • Easy Installation & low maintenance
  • Best Regulated output
  • Can Operate without Solar
  • Protections - RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL OBC, SC, VP NV & LV
  • Battery Charging with Muki stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float) Auto Equalize in a month
  • Priority Mode Selection For Village & City Homes
    1) PCU 2) Hybrid 3) Smart - For Saving Energy & Money

PWM Solar Home PCU Gold Series(SineWave)

(Range Available 1100 to 2650)


Features(Range Available 1100 to 2650)

  • High Speed Micro Controller based Solar Home UPS
  • Built in Solar Charge Controller
  • Multicolour LCD Display
  • Frequency Available - 50Hz & 60Hz
  • Charging Multi Sage (Bulk, Absorption & Float)
  • Solar Priority of load & battery charging
  • Preference to Solar Power over Grid Power
  • Pure sine wave output
  • Protections - RBP, RSPV, GAL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV
  • Compatible with OG as an Input Source
  • Compatible with IT Load
  • Compatible with SMF, Gel & Tubular Batteries
  • Priority Selection - PCU, Smart & Hybrid for Saving Energy and Money

MPPT Solar PCU Diamond Series

(Range Available 3KVA to 10KVA)


Features(Range Available 3KVA to 10KVA)

  • DSPic based Pure Sine Wave Design
  • Inbuild MPPT Charge Controller
  • Maximum Preference to Solar Power
  • USB based monitoring
  • 30 days data Logs
  • Inbuild DC & AC energy meter
  • Tested as per IEC 61683 and IEC 60068-2(1,2,14,30) standards
  • Rebust design-20 yrs product life
  • AC & DC Parameters configurable from LCD Switches -
    AC - Output Voltage/Input Voltage
    DC - Charging Voltage/Charging Current
  • Enable/Disable By LCD Switches - NLSD Grid Charging, IT Load
  • Operating Mode - PCU/SMART/Hybrid
  • Application - Hospitals, Schools, Home, Industries, Petrol Pumps, Banks, Offices

MPPT Solar PCU Pearl Series

(Range Available 2KVA to 5KVA)


Features(Range Available 2KVA to 5KVA)

  • Upto 30% More Efficient because of MPPT Charge Controller
  • DSPic based Pure Sine Wave Design
  • Reverse Voltage Protection
  • Extensive Electronic Protection
  • Maximum Power Preference to Solar
  • Digital LCD (16X2)
  • User Friendly Setting by LCD Switches
  • Enable/Disable - NLSD, Grid Charging
    IT Load, GENSET & Operating Mode
  • Priority Mode Selection
    1) PCU 2) Hybrid 3) Smart - for Saving Energy & Money
  • Application - Hospital, School, Home, Industries, Petrol Pumps, Bank etc

Solar Management Unit(SMU)



  • High speed and high performance micro-controller
  • High reliability with longer operational life
  • Inbuilt protection to avoid battery undercharge and over-charge
  • Inbuilt PWM Technology Charge Controller
  • Automatic Voltage selection for 12V or 24V
  • Solar Prioritization. Compact design with Wall Mounting
  • Eco friendly
  • Transient and Surge Protection
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PCU's Product Range

S.No. Series Range Warranty
3. GOLD (SINEWAVE) 1100 TO 2650 24 MONTHS
4. ECO SMART 675 TO 1475 24 MONTHS
5. SMU SMU401224 24 MONTHS
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