Eastman Research and Development Unit

We at Eastman highly regard scholarly debate and deliberation. Eastman Research and Development Cell is the offspring of this respect for the pursuit of a better life through innovation. The aim of this research and development cell is to propagate a culture of curiosity and innovation: two elements that need to be oiled frequently to ensure that the world witness’s development in the way of life regularly. The goal is to deliver a tomorrow that is better than yesterday With a team of 50+ technicians, scholars and scientists who are working round the clock, weare able to produce astonishing results in the field of solar energy. The cell is fully powered by the management to keep the research ongoing without a glitch to find effective and efficient solar power solutions.

Solar energy is harnessed from the sunlight and converted into electricity. There are different ways for extracting energy from the sun but only the best and most efficient way is used by Eastman to develop its energy storage products. Our highly qualified team of R&D experts utilize a computer-aided design with the latest version of creo 2.0, solid works & AutoCAD software to design all components and elements.

Eastman solar storage solutions are focused towards developing new technology while improving the manufacturing process, and cost optimizing all its products. Eastman range of Tubular E-Rickshaw batteries has 10 Ah more than the product exiting in E-Rickshaw market in the same battery size (110 vs 100 & 130 vs 120 Ah & 140 Ah vs 130 Ah). Our Batteries gives approx. 10 km more mileage in 110 Ah products than competitors. Our 130 Ah model output is 20 km more than 120 Ah battery available in the market and gives 125 km on the 900W motor on standard load conditions (highest in the segment). But what sets us apart from others in the market is that we have certified and tested tubular batteries, suitable for frequent and long power cuts. Our Gel batteries are made of high-quality silica gel which provides excellent recovery from deep discharge and is maintenance free.

Solar energy is readily available and renewable source of energy and Eastman is dedicated to manufacturing the best in class products utilizing Automated Product Testing Laboratory and advanced technology with a dedicated R&D team set up at Baddi plant, with an experienced R&D team (50+ People) & technical consultancies from German, Dr. Wieland Rusch, Dr. Gerd Hoogestraat , Dr. Hans Albert Lingscheid, and Dr. Sugumaran From India. Our leading products like PCU and Solar PV Modules are tested in state-of-the-art analytical laboratories with through chemical/physical tests using advanced research instruments, R&D personnel, design Engineers and test engineers. Our sole focus in solar technology is to develop new technology while improving the manufacturing process, increasing the number of cost optimization products and quality with new material developments and renewable processes.

Our continuous efforts in the field and persistent drive to innovate have brought us many laurels. We have the best customized solar power pack containing solar panels, PCU and battery with the highest compatibility, Solar MPPT technology based PCU’s with highest tracking efficiency of more than 98% launched from 1KW to 10KW for residential and commercial market segments. We have certified and tested solar PV Modules from 10W to 300W which are suitable for all applications and Solar Grid-tie PV inverters with highest MPPT tracking efficiency of more than 99% in 1KW to a 10KW range suitable for residential and commercial market segment.

R&D Achievements

Over the course of time, our Research and Development Cell has produced some noteworthy results which have been implemented in our production to be able to serve the clients better.

Here are a few of them:

  • The cell is bustling with ideas and solutions every day. This never-ending surge of innovation and curiosity has been well testified by the 27 patents we have to our name.
  • The comprehensive and holistic research conducted in our cell has made us the leader in battery technology by introducing tubular gel technology into the Indian market assuring a 5-year warranty at an 80% depth discharge.
  • The cell has performed a breakthrough on GEL VRLA Technology. The tubular plates are constructed with fumed Silica and acid gel electrolyte along with microporous separator that greatly enhances the cyclic life and makes it suitable for topical applications.
  • The R and D cell’s efforts are well reflected through our esteemed product certifications from ISO, OHSAS, CE, MNRE, ICAT.

R&D Focus

The Research and Development cell is driven to produce better solutions and working conditions for our products almost every day. We aim to obtain global leadership in 12V tubular technology ranging from 100AH to 250AH. To reach global leadership our focus will be on price leadership (To provide for the poorest sections of the society) and Technology leadership (To touch base with rising evolving needs of all solar and battery technology)

Here are few focus areas:



Identifying a good practice and developing the means to promulgate it is our goal.