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From reliable E Rickshaw chargers to efficient Lead Acid E Rickshaw batteries and advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Packs, we've got all your mobility needs covered. Embrace a greener future with our top-notch offerings, designed to keep you on the move while minimizing your carbon footprint. Your road to sustainable transportation starts here.​

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Empowering Tomorrow's Mobility. With a cutting-edge facility for Lithium-Ion Battery Packs, dual units crafting E Rickshaw chargers, and a trio of sites dedicated to Lead Acid Batteries, our expansive 400,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing expanse fuels innovation. Discover our commitment to sustainable solutions across every square foot.​

180MWh per year

Largest Low Speed 3-wheeler battery manufacturing capacity in India​

As India's largest Low Speed 3-Wheeler Lithium-Ion battery manufacturer, we power over 43 OEM clients with unparalleled capacity. Our commitment to innovation ensures your journey is backed by reliable energy solutions.​

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